Opinion | Current Problems In Indian Education 

By Noor Ul Hasan Andrabi 
The march of time leaves its prints on the history of a nation.Education is an important national enterprise and it has come to stay as a force to be reckoned with the progress and prosperity of the Country.The country must take care of her educational system or force the peril.The sooner this fact is recognized by one and all, the better it is.
The story of Indian Education is an interesting enlightenment.When we peep into the distant past and try to understand the present,we find that roots of the present system of education in India did bear sweet fruit and love of learning did exercise powerful influence on the succeeding ages.Today when we look at the educational map of India, we find a large number of Schools,Colleges and universities.Modern educational system and structure,as it’s prevalent in India,did not come into being abruptly.It is the result of gradual evolution.It has seen many changes and reforms.It is still on and one can hope many more changes in future.For critical and analytical study of current problems of Indian Education,it is essential to know its historical background.
No doubt India has made tremendous progress in various fields of education.A survey of the expansion at various levels speaks itself of the splendid developments in the field of education.The central and state Government’s have been taking active interest in the fulfillment of our cherished goals in various spheres of education.
It is said fact that Indian Education presents grave problems before our educationists and teachers.No other field Of our national activities is as ill organized and ill-organized and ill planned as education.Broadly speaking,our problems relate to the qualitative improvements and the qualitative expansion in different spheres.In the light of historical fact of Indian education,we shall take the detailed study of these colossal problems of our education.Kerping in view the recommendations of committees on education,humble suggestions for the solution of these problems are presented.
The past achievements in education have been quite encouraging.But much work still remains to be done to ameliorate education of its present ill’s.One thing that heartens us beyond all else is the explosion of expectations among the people and they describe it,as the most important characteristic of modern developments in the post-independence period.In every part of the country there is a tremendous hunger of education.The communities,which do not have educational institutions,are asking for establishing them.
Those who have schools are expanding them and demanding quick improvements in their standard.More and more children are coming into schools every year and the tendency to stay longer at school in continually increasing.I am also convinced that the programs of educational developments have a high priority in the thinking of governments,…..both the central and the state.Given this determination and sustained effort,I have no doubt that India will become an adequately educated country and make her own significant combination to the expanding world of the knowledge.  “None who have been always free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom for those who are not free”
“”It does not matter how much time you have spent with a Teacher.If liberation was not given,,then move on.Don’t be attached to “”No Enlightenment””.But if liberation has been given to you then stop,stop dead in your tracks.The teacher should give you that experience very quickly.Then it is up to you to live up to it”.  The author can be reached at noorul2015@rediffmail.com and hails from Lolab Khurhama.

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