NC condemns Sumbal incident


Srinagar, May 12 : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday condemned the shocking incident of rape of a minor girl in Sumbal area of Bandipur and urged the governor administration to constitute a time bound investigation into the heinous act and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Party’s chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi while condemning the incident said that the special SIT should be immediately constituted which could investigate into the heinous crime committed on the girl. “The result of the investigation should be made public and severe punishment should be served to the person behind the crime. The punishment should be such which should act as a deterrent for the future also. This incident involving the rape of a minor girl has sent shivers down the spines of every right thinking individual,” he said.

Ruhullah necessitated on the need of having a strong legal frame work to deal with such fiends involved in such gruesome acts. “The sexual assaults on the women folk have seen an exponential increase in the past few decades. The incident in Sumbal has shaken the very conscious of every Kashmiri. I condemn the incident in unequivocal terms. The society irreapective of ideology, region, caste or religion should come out against such cases and other heinous crimes being perpetrated against our women folk,” he said.

He further added, “It is unarguably a monstrous crime that needs to be deplored by all in the strongest terms and it needs government’s urgent attention. Besides that the police ought to be trained and equipped to deal in such cases effectively without wasting any time. It is unarguably a time to be ashamed.”

The Chief Spokesperson also urged the incumbent governor administration to have the case tried by a fast track court. “Any effort to derail the momentum in the case will not be accepted and its therefore incumbent upon the police to not fall to any pressure tactic. The little girl deserves justice and no one should be allowed to stop delivering the justice and putting perpetrator behind bars,” he said.


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