Defeat the designs of those who are keen to create sectarian wedge: Shabir Qumi


Srinagar: Parwani – e-wilayet president and its chief patron Maulana Sibti Muhammad Shabir Qumi and Maulana Shabir Ahmad Sofi in their joint statement, condemning the forces action on protesters.

intense use of power on protesters is extremely sad and said that victim of sexual violence Instead of giving justice to Minor victim, government forces proved that they are trying to save accused and suppress the voices of protesters.

He said that the claims of the state police are being unmatched, in which they calm that they are facilitating the public. He thanked the public for protesting with mutual alliance and consensus across the valley. and said that the Shia Sunni unity today defeat the vested interests who where edge to create divisions among Muslims.

He strongly urged the living conscience to raise voice so that justice can be deliver to the minor victim.

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