Parwani-wilayet pays highest Tributes to Chanabal and pulwama martyrs


Srinagar: Parwani-wilayet offered highest tributes to the martyrs of Pulwama, who were martyred by the aggression of Indian forces.

He said that Arshad Hussain became a protector of the women folk in valley and honestly gave a clear message to enemies that they should introspect to themselves, instead of seeing bad view towards women.

He said that while prolonging the operation, and killing civilian in valley has become routine of forces. He presented high tributes to martyrs of Pulwama. He said that Kashmiris were killed, time and again killed even in the month of Ramadan. Which is extremely worried .

He said that it is worthwhile to not bend head ahead of barbarism. The pulwam incident will spirit many youth to lay down their lives for the sacred cause.

He presented condolences and sympathy with the heritage of the martyrdom and offered condolences to their families. And prayed that Allah accept their martyrdom and gave them great reward.

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