‘Pakistan understands US pressurizing us unjustified’: Iran


Iranian Foreign Minister, Javed Zarif, said, “Pakistan understands the pressure being exerted on Iran by the United States as unjustified.”

On his two-day visit to Pakistan for consultation with leaders on the increasing tensions between Iran and the US and its Arab allies, Mr. Zarif, in an interview with Iranian news wire, IRNA. said that he was happy that “Pakistan understands our position and considers US pressure on Iran as unjustified.”

The Iranian foreign minister was on his 10th visit to Pakistan, who also met Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa.

In his talks, Mr. Zarif shared Iranian perspective on evolving crisis in the Persian Gulf, where the US has deployed a naval aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers at an airbase in Qatar and F-15 jets and is planning to station thousands of soldiers in the region, in addition to issues on the bilateral agenda, particularly border security.

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