A 29 year-old girl,  Dar Naseema is suffering from multi-organ failure since May 2014, her family said in an appeal for masses to help.
Hailing from Sariwarpora Pattan of Baramulla district in north Kashmir, Naseema developed nephrotic syndrome in May 2014 which resulted in a kidney failure. She was admitted to AIIMS for specialized treatment on March 5, 2015, bearing UHID NO.100841529 for the period of five months.
During this period, the family said, she suffered left lung pleural effusion and was later operated upon in July 2015.
Surviving of regular dialysis, on December 20, 2015, she was again admitted for evaluation of lung.
With many complications, had developed liver ailments as well, while the renal examination was continuously going on.
For about 4 months she had to undergo active treatment for her liver before her 64-year-old father could donate his left kidney bearing UHID NO 102122493 to save his ailing daughter.
On May 12, 2017, Naseema was operated for the kidney transplant (bearing UHID NO 102895870 & RT No. 2541/17) donated by her father. Since all these four years, the family was subjected to run pillar to post to manage the treatment expenses for their daughter.
Nightmare for the family, it consumed them around a crore to see their daughter alive.
Facing the tough times to struggle the daughter’s illness and the state of her aged father, Naseema’s mother also developed complications. With this, the number of patients in a family rose to three.
 In order to continue the required treatment protocol,she require financial assistance for the period of one year which costs Rs 4 lac’s to keep her surviving. Leaving aside the cost of medicines which keeps her parents alive.
Family requests for help and to all those who want to contribute to save her precious life and lend a helping hand to ease out the sufferings of the traumatic family can credit the below-mentioned account
Dar Naseema Nusrat
A/C no: 0013041000001184
Branch: J&K bank Pattan
CELL No 8803076192

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