Video Report | BJP has no workers in JK, but only agents: Muzaffar Shah


Srinagar, Jun 08 : Following the imposition of Governor’s rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the state is in a state of chaos especially at a time when policies are being super imposed not by the constitutional or legal ways but by the sheer through the coercive state power. The problem with BJP in the J&K state is that it has no worker but only agents have joined them and agents only work till their vested interests are served and once they are fulfilled they shift to others.
This was stated today by the vice president Jammu and Kashmir Awami National Conference Muzaffar Ahmad shah while addressing the press conference today. The state has been plunged in a state of lawlessness and the situation is becoming incomprehendable to many as rule of law is being changed to a dictatorial mindset. The situation of the state has turned from bad to worse due to that.

Shah said Union Home minister recently said that they will be setting up a delimitation commission while as there is ban on the same imposed by by state legislative assembly till 2026. Any move towards delimitation and increasing seat numbers in Jammu will be illegal and unconstitutional and any decision on the same can be taken only by the state assembly. Home Minister nominated governor hold no, legal or constitutional provision to take a call on this sensitive issue.
What is more shocking is that while the decision like this can only be taken by the majority of the house so how can a one man over rule the set legal format.
If any such move takes place it will be totally a dictatorial order, since governor is not elected by the voter segments he has no role and mandate to change such setting.

Shah said that the accession to India and state of Jammu and Kashmir was conditional and was done on the basis of three conditions i.e. defense, foreign affairs and communication and Article 370 was incorporated in the constitution of India. It was by the same article that the state was granted special status and was able to have its own flag, constitution and have its own sadre riyasat and these were the symbols by which the special status of the state was symbolized.
Even Sher- e- Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah told the Indian constitutional assembly that ownership of the land in the state of J&K must be taken special care of. The movement to safeguard article 35 A going on in the state, only symbolizes that that special status and ownership of the state land must be protected for the state citizens and must not be taken over by outsiders. For all the right purposes Mahraja Hari Singh in acted Article 35 A on the appeal of Jammu people.

He said that its shameful that people of the state are being divided into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and it is for this purposes that that delimitation is being perpetrated.

Shah said the killings in valley should stop that have been going on in the valley since three decades. No where in the world people are killed without even without giving proof that they are part of any violent movement.
Shah said that if British had used guns in its war with Indian people then there would have been no Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Jai Prakash Narain and ever today’s India PM would not have been safe. So many are languishing in Jails without fair trial in the state, they should be immediately released.

Shah said that mistakes of past must not be repeated again in the state as it will only damage the Indian state more than it would help as it is only in the peace that the country can develop. We only want to remind those in power to not repeat the mistakes of past that wreaked havoc. In three decades, one lac people have been killed has it served any purpose.
We urge the central government to begin negotiations and dialogue in the state and we will make it clear on them that people of Jammu and Kashmir will not side with those who perpetrated death and destruction over the people of state.

Shah said if the present practice of of playing with constitution goes on then it is futile to participate into the coming assembly polls. If governor takes one sided decisions that are only mandated for elected members then what is fun of elected members.

Shah said that he hopes that the newly elected member of parliaments will they will take care of the dignity of the people and won’t let that be trampled upon.

He said that for a better social structure a better economic model is needed as, today the economic structure of the state stands on loans. Tourism needs to be supported that will help the state economy.

He said that likeminded organizations need to forge unity to save the unity of the state i.e of Jammu, Kahsmir and ladakh which is being targeted by people with vested interests. (KNS)


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