Leaders misleading people of Kashmir by false dreams: Governor

Reiterates offer for talks within Constitution; ‘Recent against JK Bank chairman at the behest of RBI’


Srinagar,: Governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday said that the leaders have not told people the truth and have misled them by “false dreams, which will never be fulfilled.”

Addressing a presser here, Malik also said that government was ready for talks with anybody who would shun the gun and work for peace.

“Unemployment is there across the country but jobless people (in other places) in the country do not pick up weapons against the government. There is something more here,” Malik, who was flanked by his advisors and Chief Secretary, said.

“The basic thing here is that the leaders have not told people the truth. People have been misled and shown false dreams, which will never be fulfilled,” he said, according to GNS correspondent.

He said the people have been shown the dream of ‘azadi’ (independence) and sometimes that of autonomy.

“When these things did not work, they were shown the dreams of paradise through radicalisation. I want to tell the youth that they have two paradises — one is Kashmir and if they become good Muslims, they will get the other one also,” he said.

Malik said violence won’t achieve anything and all those who resort to it would have to return to normal life and pursue peace and development.

“Take everything from us, we will give our life, but through love and dialogue. For that (PM) Narendra Modi is ready, we are ready. Come to the dialogue table and take it forward,” he said, adding, “Whatever you want can be achieved through talks and dialogue. You have your own constitution, you have a separate flag. Whatever more you want, you will get it through the democratic process and within the ambit of the Indian Constitution,” he said.

The governor said the militants may not realise it now, but decade later they will repent that they chose the wrong path. “You cannot make India to bow through violence,” he said.

Speaking about the presence of the Islamic State in Kashmir, he said, “These are ways of the destruction of Kashmir.” Malik exhorted the youth to give up arms.

“I want to tell the youth of Kashmir, drop your guns and come to Raj Bhawan to have lunch with me. Then explain to me what good Kashmir will get from the path you have chosen,” he said.

Malik also called on the political leaders to help bring back the youth to the mainstream society.

“They have to muster the courage and tell them. I request the mainstream leaders, preachers and intelligentia to bring back these youth (to the mainstream) and whatever is needed for their rehabilitation, we will do it,” he said.

“Pakistan is in trouble. It is fatigued, it has started realising that it cannot break India, and yet it will keep doing certain things. Militant training camps are still active there, but we are neutralising militants and new recruitments are also down.”

Underlining that the government was committed to curb corruption, Malik said no stone would be left unturned to bring those who indulge in such practice to book.

Responding to a question about the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) raids at the J&K Bank headquarters, , Chief Secretary B.V.R. Subrahmanyam said: “We have acted on the basis of a RBI communication that expressed grave concern about the bank’s management. We have acted to ensure that the bank functions as a healthy, viable and transparent premier financial institution.”

He said that the recent action was not against the bank “but against those who misused their position.” The Governor said the crusade against corruption had begun in Kashmir and it would be taken to logical conclusion.

He said that the media outside the state was demonizing the situation in Kashmir, causing a lot of hardship to the local people.

“In my state (Uttar Pradesh), every day people are killed. Tourists are looted on the Meerut highway daily. There is no news about these incidents. But even if a hat falls here, the Kashmiris are demonised.”

He expressed satisfaction at the peaceful conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections in the state and said he was proud of the people for that.

However, he regretted that the mainstream political parties failed to persuade people to vote in the Lok Sabha polls. “I can ask them what has been the percentage of voting in these elections? They (mainstream parties) have failed to get the people to vote,” he said. (GNS)

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