Making JK a world class Tourism attraction NC’s top priority: Farooq Shah

Addresses international Conference of Tourism in Bangalore, Urges Prime Minister to prioritize J&K-Tourism


Srinagar, Jun 29 : Underscoring the need of reviving Tourism industry in Kashmir collectively, National Conference leader Farooq Ahmad Shah Saturday said that Jammu and Kashmir was one of the best natural attractions in the world and was known for its varied class of Tourism facilities.

Addressing an international Conference on Tourism organised by SKAL International ,in 48th Asian Congress Bangalore, the former bureaucrat said that the Kashmir was not only famous for its natural beauty but it has also huge potential of leisure , adventure, Water Sports, and pilgrimage Tourism.

Mr. Shah while stressing for a major publicity campaign at private sector level said, that Kashmir needs to be projected positively to restore the trust of tourists (both domestic and international).The former IAS officer who was in the conference as a special guest also urged various governments and other Tourism Departments across the the country and abroad to work hard in inducing confidence in the tourists.

He said Kashmir Tourism needs revival and it was possible only with the help of private sector like SKAL who has nearly 15,000 members across the globe.

“We together can get the Kashmir Tourism back to its glory . Now the government and Private Sector is working hard to get the best infrastructure best facilities and other avenues for Tourism but the main issue is to increase the flow of visitors to enjoy and indulge in this Natural beauty and Infrastructure,” Shah said in his address.

The former Tourism Secretary said that Kashmir Tourism has seen lot of ups and downs because of the evident factors but it is also a crude fact that this has always successfully bounced back due to collective efforts of J&K Tourism Department and travel trade players across the country and outside.

He also emphasized that National Conference has set Tourism as one of the main priorities and this would be a top most priority of Omar Abdullah led NC government in near future. He also mentioned that there were scores of unexplored Tourist destinations particularly in his home Constituency of Gulmarg including Baderkoot, Darakashi, Gogaldara, Bungus, Tosamadisn, Shranz etc which if explored, would widen the Tourism circuit around the famous Gulmarg .

Meanwhile ten members of Travel trade of J&K Chapter of SKAL led by Ibrahim Siah also participated in the conference.

Later speaking to media men on the sidelines of the function, Shah urged Prime Minster Narendra Modi to prioritize Jammu and Kashmir Tourism and hoped that Mr.Modi would put out a word across, for travel to Kashmir which would boost confidence among millions of intending travelers across the globe.

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