PHQ promotes 85 Sis, DGP congratulates promotes, their families


Srinagar, Jul 02 : The Director General of Police Dilbag Singh issued promotion order in respect of 85 Sub-Inspectors to the rank of Inspectors.

As recommended by the Departmental Promotion Committee regarding grant of promotion to the Police Personnel of Executive and Armed. After thorough scrutiny of the service records, promotion in respect of 85 Sub-Inspector to the rank of Inspectors has been ordered vide PHQ Order No. 2452 of 2019 and 2453 of 2019 dated 01.07.2019.

The promoted personnel include Mubarak Shah 7855/NGO, Vinod Kumar 7806/NGO, Bharat Bhushan 7801/NGO, Mohammad Irfan 7817/NGO, Mehraj Khalid Giri 7864/NGO, Sanjay Kumar Raina 7861/NGO, Ragzin Angchook 7861/NGO, Sureshwar Dev Singh 7819/NGO, Jahingir Ahmed 7821/NGO, Parvez Ahmad 7804/NGO, Ranjit Singh, Mohd Farooq Hussain 7794/NGO, Syed Mudasir Javaid 7843/NGO, Mehraj Ud Din Wani 7858/NGO, Jigmet Singgay Wangdus 7862/NGO, Zaffar Iqbal Dar 7857/NGO, Kiran Kumar, Tashi Gyalson, Shamsher Lal, Mohinder Singh, Nasar Iqbal Mughal 7856/NGO, Hilal Mohammad Azhar, Shamim Ahmad, Zahoor Ahmad Khan 7835/NGO, Khalid Rashid Mirchal 7832/NGO, Nayat Ali 7808/NGO, Showkat Ahmad Bhat 7854/NGO, Kirti Sharma 8255/NGO, Rashid Ahmed Malik 5960/NGO, Parveez Ahmad 4937/NGO, Abdullah 4936/NGO, Ab Majid Wani 5284/NGO, Arti Thakur, Zahoor Ahmad Khan, Aamir Mir, Mohd Shafi Bhat 5227/NGO, Wasim Raja Ganie 5703/NGO, Firdous Ahmad Bhat 5233/NGO, Mohammad Maqsood 5198/NGO, Manzoor Ahmad 7740/NGO, Mumtaz Ali Khan 5431/NGO, Jaipal 5680/NGO, Sunil Kumar Bhat 5704/NGO, Ishfaq Ahmad 5705/NGO, Jeet Singh 6154/NGO, Rakesh Singh, Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir 8771/NGO, Balvinder Singh 6316/NGO, Nazir Ahmad 7302/NGO, Faroz Ahmad Khan 5981/NGO, Farooq Ahmad Bhat 5980/NGO, Sumit Sharma 6317/NGO, Deepak Sharma 6770/NGO, Sheikh Mohd Saleem 5987/NGO, Parviez Ahmad Bhat 6055/NGO, Gurmukh Singh 6305/NGO, Vinod Kumar Pandith 6855/NGO, Mohd Ashraf Ganie 6631/NGO, Sarwar Hussain Mir 6630/NGO, Bashir Ahmad 6859/NGO, Ghulam Murtaza 6900/NGO, Salinder Singh 7331/NGO, Nazir Ahmad 7330/NGO, Suhail Mushtaq, Mohammad Mansoor, Arifa Jan, Pinki Devi, Shazia Khan, Manju Bala, Baynazir Iqbal, Halima Bagum, Arjamand Ayoub, Diskit Ladol, Rinchin Wangmo, Ankush Chib, Varun Dev Singh, Rashid Ahmad, Varinder Singh, Sabina Khanum, Deep Singh, Kuldeep Singh 8429/NGO, Krishan Lal, Sunder Singh, Trliok Singh and Tariq Ahmad 8431/NGO.

DGP has congratulated the promoted personnel and their family members. He has express his hope that the promotion will serve as an inspiration for the personnel to perform their duties in higher ranks with enhanced dedication and zeal.

PHQ has been providing career progression opportunities to all ranks in the force and during the year 2018-19, 9388 personnel have been promoted to higher ranks. Besides 4024 insitu promotions have been ordered by PHQ.

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