Parents express displeasure against Dubai Grand School International; Students being charged thousands for summer camp

"Schools should not charge under the garb of any summer camp,they should  charge only the amount that accounts for basic expenses" GN War


Srinagar, July 4 (KPS): Parents of students studying in Dubai Grand School International located in HMT have expressed resentment  against the school administration for blatant violation of norms, charging enormously for the alleged ‘Summer Camp’ supposed to be in Sonamarg for which  Students are directed to pay 3000 each from classes 3 to 9.

School administration had distributed the pamphlets among the students briefing them about the summer camp. Its written there that its mandatory for every student to pay 3000 in the accounts section of the school. Apart from that there is a list of items given which the students need to carry along with them as they will have to stay in sonamarg for 2 nights and 3 days.

Parents are fumed for unusual overcharging in the garb of summer camp. ” firstly we have to pay rs 3000 to the school administration so that our wards are eligible for the trek. secondly we have been given a list  of items necessary for there travel, and the whole kit is pretty much costly, we have shell out around  20k to buy the whole kit. this is too much for a simple camp”, expressed one of the parents.

“Parents today are making enormous sacrifices to see that their children get the best possible education.We are caught between the much subsidized government education which lacks infrastructure and basic facilities and the private education which is more about profit and less about schooling.The increasing reliance on the private sector education is making them invincible hence they charge according to their will without even considering our financial status,” said another parent while talking to KPS.

Private schools have been under the radar in Kashmir from some time now for forcing the parents to purchase uniforms, books and stationery either from inside the school premises or some specified shop. There is always big rush for admissions in such prestigious schools & colleges not only by rich people but by poor or lower middle class parents seemingly with the aim that their child receives better qualitative education & gets prepared for throat cut competitive exams in the days ahead.

Chairman Private Schools Association Jammu Kashmir G.N war while talking to Kashmir Press Service said, ” as private schools association we have a policy, if any school conducts a summer camp or any other adventure camp or sports camp , it should be a non profit activity. Schools should not charge under the garb of any summer camp. They should  charge only the amount that accounts for basic expenses. Whatever they charge with regard to lodging and boarding should be on actual basis,  not to earn the profit in turn. This is our clear and obvious stand.” (KPS)

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