Vehicle-Entry Ban In KU Evokes Mixed Response; Some Protest, ‘Good Step’ For Others


Srinagar, July 4: Scores of students from Kashmir University held a protest demonstration on Thursday against the ban on entry of vehicles inside the campus as reported by Postcard Kashmir.

Students from various departments assembled outside the Law department and blocked the road by barricades.

The students raised slogans against the ban and demanded its immediate revocation.

However some students, Postcard Kashmir talked to, said that the restriction of vehicles inside the campus was a ‘good step’.

“There used to be a huge rush of vehicles in the campus, some of them even driving at a fast speed which is totally opposite to how a university campus should be like. I personally know some of the students who used to roam in cars around the campus unnecessarily,” a female student said.

“The entry  of vehicles inside the campus is a good step,” she said.

Kashmir University had earlier passed an order barring people not to park their vehicles inside the varsity campus apart from parking slots.

An order issued from the registrar’s office on April 27 said that all types of vehicles belonging to staff (Teaching as well as Non-Teaching), students, scholars and other visitors shall be parked in parking slots at Sir Syed Gate, Convocation Complex, Rumi Gate.  “In no case shall anyone park his/her vehicle at any location other than mentioned above,” the order read.

Kashmir University Teachers association had offered “full support and cooperation” to Kashmir University administration in this initiative.

Teachers association had also thanked Prof. Talat Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor of Kashmir University, for the reviving green campus initiative.

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