Zaira Waseem Rejects Big Boss Offer Of 1.2 Crore


New Delhi, July 9: According to a tweet, Zaira was introduced to The Big Boss-13. She was offered Rs 1.2 crore, but Zaira has rejected the offer. She refused to be part of the show and showed no interest in the offer. Just as she has turned away from Bollywood, she has rejected the show without thinking.

Zaira Wasim is making headlines these days. Ever since she decided to quit Bollywood, she has been in the spotlight and has decided that Bollywood will no longer be seen.

In the Big Boss’s nature, the news of Zaira’s offer can be gauged, as the show has always been a contestant who has been effective in boosting TRP.

More recently, Zaira has been in the limelight over her decision to quit Bollywood in the name of religion. Zaira explained her decision via Facebook post. That is, she’s completely alienated from the world of acting and never to go back again.

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