Cow gives birth to calf with two heads.


Sopore, July 10: A CB-Jersey cow belonging to Bashir Ahmad of Sopore today gave birth to a calf with two heads.

The cow owner expected it to be a normal birth when the Labor pain started but after 4 hours when the cow didn’t did not deliver the calf, the owner called help from a local vet. The vet to the surprise of the owner told him that calf has two heads and the cow needs to be operated upon. The calf was delivered via Cesarean Section at the farmers premise.

The calf was born dead and had four eyes, four ears and two mouths. The cow was doing fine after a very long surgical operation.

Later the veterinary surgeon, Dr Nazir, said that it’s a genetic/chromosomal aberration which leads to this Di-cephalic condition, sometimes inbreeding can also be cause of such anomaly.

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