CMO’s report to DC nails MS M&CCH Anantnag lies

Calls for action against doctor indulging in private practice during official timing


Srinagar, July 11 : On Wednesday (July 10), several patients were kept waiting by a lady doctor, who was supposed to take rounds of post operative ward at Maternity and Child Care Hospital Anantnag and instead remained busy with her private practice.

At 10:38 a.m. on 10 July 2019, Medical Superintendent told GNS that the particular lady doctor has not come to hospital and that he has marked her absent. The Medical Superintendent further said that a report for action has been forwarded to CMO concerned for necessary action. The recording of the conversion with the medical superintendent lies with GNS.

However, late in the afternoon, the Medical superintendent in a letter to Principal Medical College Anantnag stated: “The concerned doctor was ‘well in time’ and started her routine duty as verified physically by the Chief Medical Officer and a team from district development commissioner Anantnag.” The medical superintendent also claimed in the communication that he was wrongly quoted in the news report regarding the absence of the doctors.

However, the Medical Superintendent’s statement has been belied by the Chief Medical Officer Anantnag in a communication sent by him to the Deputy Commissioner Anantnag for “necessary action against the doctor”.

“On your directions regarding the subject matter (complaint against (the particular) doctor regarding performing of private practice during officials timing on 10 July 2019), Additional Deputy Commisioner Anantnag and undersigned (CMO) reached the office chambers of Medical Superintendent at the same time. The Medical Superintendent was asked to produce (the particular doctor) before the team and she was instantly called and she appeared physically in the office chambers at approx. 11:30 AM,” reads the report submitted by the CMO, a copy of which lies with GNS.

“Her identity was checked and she was asked about the allegations leveled against her , but she refused and claimed that she reached Hospital in time.”

In order to ascertain the genuineness of her statement, the CMO in the communication says that the hard copy of Bio-Metric attendance was taken wherein they produced two statements viz: “One showing absent on 10-07-2019 and the other one showing Present and the attendance has been marked at 11:15 AM.”

“The Medical Superintendent was asked about the conflict in producing the attendance sheets where under he claimed the technical fault in the Bio-Metric Attendance system,” the CMO said, adding “That the Medical Superintendent was directed to maintain the manual attendance alonqside the biometric Attendance system and ensure Presence of staff on duty according to the duty roster.”

The CMO submitted the report  to the deputy commissioner “for favour of information and further necessary action.”

Meanwhile, the people who were attending to the patients told GNS that if the doctor was present on time, it can be seen from the CCTV footage as well as the electronic attendance, if any marked by the doctor.

“They are lying and government should take action against the doctor and all those who are trying to protect the doctor and all those officials who are not punctual to their duties,” a number of the attendants said. “It may seem a routine and trifle to the authorities but being late to the duties has been a norm for a large number of doctors and patronage by the officials who are otherwise supposed to take action emboldens such doctors and patients continue to suffer,” they said further and urged governor Satya Pal Malik and his concerned advisor to make the case of the July 10 as “test case” and verify how hospital authorities joined hands to protect the particular doctor. “We have nothing personal against the doctor but she along with other public servants must be punctual and discharge the duty as mandated by their service,” they added. (GNS)

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