Watch Special Interview | KCCI President Sheikh Ashiq In An Exclusive Interview With Tameel Irshad Multimedia


“The Highway Ban Is Completely Unprecedented, Its An Uncivilized Move In A Civilized World”

“It Will Badly Affect The Economy Sector”

“Kashmiris Have Always Welcomed The Yatris, Govt. Should Mull Over The Decision”

“Fruit Industry Will Be At A Big Loss, If They Aren’t Allowed To Move Freely Because Of The Perishable Items They Carry”

“Banning Cross LoC Trade Will Left So Many Unemployed”


“Will Help The Young Entrepreneurs In Setting Up The Business Units, Better To Be A Job Creator, Than Job Seeker”

“KCCI Has Always Been At Forefront In Helping Others”

“Genuine Business Units Should Come And Open Joint Ventures Here, It Will In Turn Boost The Economy”

“Positive Image Of A Common Kashmiri Is Necessary And National Media Needs To Improve, Hospitality Runs In Our Blood”

“GST Was A Hasty Decision Nearly 200 Amendments Made Since Its Inception”

“Artisan Loan Was Sanctioned On Our Recommendations, But It’s Implementation Has Been A Failure”

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