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Principal District and Sessions Judge Srinagar Abdul Rashid Malik in an exclusive interview with Tameel Irshad Multimedia Editor Aadil Bashir Dar shares his working style; excerpts from the point of view of a judge.

How are you dealing with the rising number of cases in the judiciary, at the time when lawmakers are showing an interest in social reforms too ?

 According to the latest compiled data 1.75 lakh cases are pending in the courts, and our sole motive is to do justice that too in a closed time frame. We are even expanding the panel of judges to tackle the enormous load of cases in a justified manner. Our legal services authorities are dealing with the cases that fall in the category of social justice, and to penetrate even further we have started with the process of mediation that precisely deals with social issues, including husband-wife relations, property matter, issues with neighbors etc. The mediators are being trained and sensitized in dealing with these issues in such a way that the problems get sorted outside the court boundaries.

What kind of Legal services you provide to the people who cannot afford it ?

According to the Legal Services Authorities Act Article 12, the women, children, old age people and those who have an annual income of less than Rs 1lakh are felicitated with the free legal aid on tehsil level as well as block level where the situation demands. All the names and contact numbers are available of the legal services website.Apart from that people who are ill and have no source of income are also provide with the aid. In Srinagar only we have setup around 20 legal aid clinics to help people. We have a Para Legal Volunteer and Legal Retaining Lawyer in these clinics. They take a note of the issues and bring it in the notice of the secretary or the chairman who than take a final call for providing the legal aid.
We have also setup a Khidmat center known as AHATA WAQAR for the old age people. It received widespread accolades from all factions of the society. First of its kind in sringar, its a place where elderly people get a free medical checkup, reading room is there, legal aid clinic and a social welfare counter too is installed there to help some with the pension issues and make them aware for the schemes of govt from time to time. It will act as a bridge between elderly and various administrative departments.

 What does the program ‘Access to Justice’ stand for ?

It is meant for the people and places that experience harsh winters, heavy snowfall. Places like drass, leh and parts of baramulla and kupawara which are almost cut from rest of the world in the winters. This program was launched to provide all the aid in such areas. Under the supervision of Chief Justice we installed special cells there to hear the grievances on the priority basis and provide assistance wherever we can .  

Water bodies are shrinking everyday and massive encroachments of wetlands and deforestation is prevalent. What steps have you taken to curb it to some extent ?

Degradation of the environment at a fast pace will result in the colossal loss of balanced ecosystem. We are aware of deforestation in the state and are constituting committees to look after the issue. Plus the water bodies are shrinking at a rapid pace, for which we have launched a campaign “say no to plastic” to save the water bodies which are necessary for our survival. Chief Justice did a video conference with all the officers regarding the issue and directed the same to provide the awareness in getting the desired results. There are lot of PIL’s (Public Intrest Litigation) in the high court with regard to Dal Lake. I am serving as a nodal officer and my job is to enforce the orders given in the high court for preserving and beautification of Dal Lake on ground level. An expert committee was setup by the high court in this regard and till now they have submitted 6 reports. High court has accepted all the reports and made sure that if any encroachment is done not only they will be dismantled but they will face legal action too. Dal’s conservation is prime issue and polluting and encroachment of any kind is punishable by law. Construction on wetlands is completely prohibited but still people take laws in their hand as if they are invincible. It will take time to implement as its not only our duty but the society as well has a large role to play in. There is a PIL for all the hill stations and the agricultural lands of the valley to save them from further degradation and high court is constantly monitoring them. I plead all the people not to degrade, pollute or encroach the wetlands and water bodies. Our survival is not possible without the water bodies.

Drug Abuse has seen a new rise in the valley. What’s your take on it ?

Parents and teachers play key role in this.They should keenly observe the behavior of the children and take a note of it if they see a change. Data regarding the sudden rise in the drug abuse in valley is really disturbing. Educational institutions, Police, civil society all need to take the matter seriously and collectively put in efforts to end the drug menace in the valley. We need to save our future generations from this epidemic. Drug awareness program is necessary to educate parents as well the students. Law Enforcement Agency should be at forefront in dismantling the drug mafia. NDPS act is very fierce and people getting booked under this law should be taken to the task so that no one suffers anymore. If we are successful in persecuting the people behind the distribution, it may well turn out to be instrumental in saving our children.

What is your message to the people on the whole ?

Judiciary is independent for a reason, it forms an important pillar of the society. So being at a respectable post means people have certain expectations towards you, and to do justice with that is immensely satisfying. We need to introspect and see at the end of the day were we helpful in anyway. If we could strike a thought to reason we can change the way people think and perceive things which in turn would create a massive change in society at large. The approach needs to be positive and people centric always , its the way forward for a stable and sustainable development. (KPS)


Watch Special Interview | Principal District And Sessions Judge Srinagar, Chairman DLSA Abdul Rashid Malik In An Exclusive Interview With Tameel Irshad Multimedia Editor Aadil Bashir Dar

Watch Special Interview | Principal District And Sessions Judge Srinagar, Chairman DLSA Abdul Rashid Malik In An Exclusive Interview With Tameel Irshad Multimedia Editor Aadil Bashir DarAround 1.75 Lakh Cases Are Pending In, To Tackle That Judiciary Is Expanding Its Boundary Very RapidlyFamily court, commercial court is being established in Srinagar. Mediation has been constructed keeping in view the social fabric of the society, to deal with family related issues. Legal Aid Services Constituted On Tehsil Level Is Being Provided Free To Underprivileged People, And Whatever The Situation DemandsAhata Waqar, a khidmat center has been put up in Srinagar for services of old age people, will serve as a bridge between them and the administration. Working on betterment of the environment and our water bodies. "Access to justice" cell created for the places that experience harsh winters, it will provide all the aid to the needful Serving as a nodal officer in PIL (public interest litigation) with regards to Dal lake, trying everything for cleanness and ending the encroachments. Water bodies, wet lands, state lands need to be preserved and it is possible by collective efforts of administration as well as the society. Drug abuse is rampant in valley, parents should minutely observe their children, teachers also play an important role. Drug abuse awareness is important, plus the drug mafia should be decimated from head to toe to save our future Judiciary is an important pillar of the society and working towards it to implement it in both letter and spirit

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