Video | Islam teaches to work for protecting humanity, says Hami



Srinagar, July 21: Thousands of people who had travelled from various parts of Kashmir Sunday participated in the grand annual conference organized by the Karwan-e-Islami International at Markazul Madaris—Jamiatul Qadriya at Trigam, Shadipora in Sumbal area while as the great grandson of Gosul Azam Dastgeer (RA), Sheikh Hamad Geelani, who had come from Bagdad shareef, Iraq to attend the conference and was special guest on the occasion.

The other dignitaries who participated in the conference include Dr Ahmed Mumdooh Ahmed Ashafayi, Al-Misri, who is also the Director of Sheriya Research Department Law and Education at Qaira, Egypt. Renowned Khateeb of Asia and Europe Moulana Sageer Ahmed Jokhanpuri also participated in the day conference. The three day Shah-e-Jeelani conference that started with the Moulood-e-Masood (SAW) on Friday, culminated emotional prayers and moist eyes.

The speakers in their respective speeches stressed on forging unity in Muslim Umah and emphasized on studying Islam in its true and pristine form stating that the major reason why Muslims across the globe are confronted with volley of issues and problems was that they were not aware of the basic principles of Islam the way a believer is supposed to be.

They said that there is no denying the fact as to how Muslims ruled the world once upon a time and how different conspiracies were hatched time and again to create wedge among the Muslims and to divide them on sectarian and ideological lines but the true faith of the past Muslim rulers who had tied their rope with Almighty Allah and his beloved Prophet (SAW) defeated all the evil designs against Islam. The guest speakers stressed on taking the cue from the Muslim rulers who fought evil forces with their faith and love for Prophet (SAW) and it is high time to walk on to their footsteps.

The faithful, who had come in large numbers from remote parts of Kashmir, also participated in Zuhr and Asar prayers in the premises of Jamiatul Qadriya. In his presidential address, Karwan-e-Islami patron Ghulam Rasool Hami while highlighting the issues confronting the Muslim world, said that the basic reason is that Muslims, including the generation next is staying away from the basic principles of Islam and the love for great and revered saints of Kashmir who put in their blood and sweat to spread Islam in its true and pristine form, is fading away from the hearts of people across the world, including Kashmir which is the main reason why Muslims across the world are facing multiple challenges.

To confront the challenge, Hami said that Karwan-e-Islami through its Darul Ulooms and its move to establish a University will rope in youth in large numbers to impart them quality education and explain before them the basic principles of Islam and also the teachings of great and revered saints of Kashmir. He said on this front, a major success has been achieved and efforts are on to speed up the process of roping more youth across Kashmir Valley.

Hami strongly condemned the atrocities being inflicted on the Muslims living in various parts of India and called for immediate end of the pain and sufferings of the minority community of India.

Hami said that Islam is being projected in a different way and is deliberately being linked with the terrorism, which is far from the reality. Talking about the Kashmir issue , the Karwan-e-Islami patron said that the issue is lingering since past many decades taking toll on the human lives on the both sides of Kashmir.

He said Kashmir issue is reality and this reality can’t be done away with. He urged both India and Pakistan to take concrete steps towards resolving Kashmir issue so that people can breathe in a free air.

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