Poverty: Causes and effects


    By Rukhsara Banoo


    Poverty is a state of lack of sufficient resources for living and well being. People in society face it and find it difficult to overcome.

    The only way to overcome poverty is to make some monetary transactions. The means of transaction were limited to food, clothing, jewellery and few other materials. Now the means for financial transactions are many. Even due to the advent of internet and technology, the number of means have increased. Anyone with good education and knowledge can overcome poverty by hard work and stay away from poverty world.

    “Causes for Poverty”

    “Lack of education”: Education is one which has enable many people to overcome poverty. Hence you can see almost all the nations in the world spend a lot on education. They provide even scholarships to those from economically backward families. Because of education, there was spread of scientific knowledge. Hence there was progress in terms of production of automobiles, electronic gadgets which made huge profits to the manufacturers. There was also rise in employment due to such rise in economic benefits. So on careful observation, one can notice that poverty countries are those which lack sufficient education among their population.



    “Lack of resources”: People or nations with some natural resources could eliminate poverty. Middle east countries which are previously considered as desert countries are now some of the richest nations. This is due to availability of petroleum resources by which they could generate huge income by exports. These countries are also afraid of decline of petroleum reserves. Even if the other means of energy generation for automobiles like hydrogen technology arise, then these countries will witness poverty again. Even these countries were able to control the world economic conditions. By increasing the petroleum prices, the inflation of other countries which were dependent on petroleum import raised. But when the human population rises, these resources can decline fast and lead to poverty.

    “International sanctions”: Many nations were affected by international sanctions due to the acts of their governments. When sanctions are levied, these countries are exempt from benefits of foreign investments and imports. Then the people in those countries had to suffer from hunger and economic problems.

    “Invading”:  Countries like England, France and other which invaded other countries used to loot them. Thus many countries which were economically well off had to suffer. Even you can notice that the Kohinoor diamond and other valuable are not returned to India by British. Similarly, the African countries were exploited for ivory, diamonds and other minerals by other countries. This type of invading and loot always left he people of host countries under poverty. Even China, India had to work hard after being freed from colonial rules.


    “Internal riots and protests”: There are countries where lack of proper law and order contributes to poverty. This is because there cannot be proper environment for business or work in places of no law and order. Many countries in Africa, middle east, suffer from poverty due to communal violence, terrorism etc. For this the governments need to take firm steps to curb the violence. Or else the common man cannot work to generate income.

    “Personal Reasons”: This is at the level of common man besides above causes. Like of foresightedness, proper friends etc. they remain poor.

    “Physical disability”:- Many people get disabled due to accidents. Some of them get it from birth. For those disabled, it is very tough to perform well and there by generate income.

    “No family support”:- Many people are rich in life due to the wealth obtained from their family members. A person without proper family rarely lives rich life.

    “In the past since the resources were limited and also there was no technology, poverty was wide spread. But fortunately after industrial revolution, there is great change. In the current century, it is quite easy to get rid of poverty by education, hard work and intelligence. This current century saw the rise in internet as one of the new means of business and livelihood. Though it is virtual aspect, still these are companies worth billions. Yet there are many countries suffering from poverty due varied reasons”.

    “Effects of Poverty”: Poverty in general affects living standard, health, education, children and the society as a whole. But it is sensible to discuss them as effects on children and society.

    “Effects of poverty on children”

    “Chances of Mal-nutrition”: Due to poverty, there is lack of proper parenting. Even parents can’t afford for healthy diet to their children. Hence in countries with poverty, we can notice children with mal-nutrition and related diseases.



    “Life threatening diseases”:- Many diseases can be prevented by vaccination during childhood. These vaccines are quite expensive and those with poverty may not be able to afford. Hence they tend to suffer from diseases.

    “Illiteracy and Lack of education”: Children in families with poverty and discouraged from education. Instead, they are instigated by parents to take up small wage work or jobs to keep up the expenses. Hence, these children can be neitherd of proper education.

    “Orphanage”:  Many parents take divorce due to poverty. Hence the children may become orphans as neither the parents wish to care them.

    “Effects of poverty in Society”

    A Society with wide spread poverty will face serious problems. These problems can affect everyone living in that society in some or other way.

    “Corruption”: Poverty encourages corruption. People try to make money in all the illegal means to be rich. In doing so, those in power or official jobs will engage in corruption.

    “Criminal activities”:  Poverty affected societies have high amount of violence and criminal activities. There can be theft, robbery, murders etc.

    “Lack of happiness”:- A society’s happiness is directly linked to wealth. So we can expect that people from those societies with poverty will be less happier.

    “Illness and lack of health facilities”: Health is an aspect related to wealth. One can take a good food, water and reside in neat places with sufficient wealth. Also if one falls sick, they can expose themselves to the best of technology and health care with sufficient measures.

    Imagining to remove poverty from society, Education plays a vital role to remove poverty. An educated person shall be appointed in every sector either it is government or private and if not so educated person shall earns his livehood in different ways and educated person shall fight for his right and shall fight against corruption.

    (The author is the student at Government Higher Secondary School Binoon, Bunjwah under guidance of her brother Raja Shafqat Sheikh and can be reached at: shafqatsheikh00786@gmail.com)

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