Only complete postpaid subscribers have to pay 18 % GST : JIO Clarifies


Srinagar, Nov 30 : The private cellular company, Jio, today tried its best to clarify its position regarding the strong resentment shown by its subscribers but got exposed of having a biased policy towards the subscribers in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the clarification it said  “in Jammu and Kashmir there are two types of postpaid connections. One is Pre-on postpaid and another is complete postpaid . While pre-on postpaid subscribers are lucky because they have not to pay GST while complete postpaid subscribers have to pay 18 per cent GST.”

In rest of the country, there is no such category of pre-on postpaid and complete postpaid.

In the clarification it said ”now” all postpaid subscribers need to pay bills  monthly.

“If you choose Rs.309 monthly plan you need to pay Rs.309 monthly plus 18 per cent GST”, Jio said.

The clarification came  in the wake of accusation by subscribers that the company was fleecing them.Hundreds of subscribers stormed  into the Rajbagh office of the company yesterday and raised anti-company slogans. Some of the subscribers were seen asking the company personnel to refund the money already paid by them as they felt cheated by the company.

(Kashmir Wire)

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