PETA brings anti-fur protest to Pyeongchang


    PYEONGCHANG, Feb 6 : Animal rights activist Ashley Fruno braved bone-numbing temperatures in Pyeongchang, host of this month’s Winter Games, to call for an end to the fur trade on Tuesday and said she wanted to send a message that fur has no place at the Olympics.

    With the mercury plunging to minus 10 Celsius and clad only in white underwear, ‘bunny ears’, and a warm pair of gloves, Fruno spoke to reporters for about 15 minutes about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) stance on fur and other issues in front of the Olympic rings at the Alpensia Resort.

    Formed in 1980, PETA makes no apologies for using scantily-clad women to advance animal rights, though it flies in the face of the mushrooming #MeToo social media campaign aimed at building a culture of respect for women.

    As part of its anti-fur campaign, PETA members have disrupted fashion shows around the world, shouting slogans at models and throwing red paint on the catwalks, while celebrities including Beyonce and Lady Gaga have been taken to task by the group for their fashion choices.

    “Unfortunately fur is being worn by many Koreans,” said Fruno on Tuesday, adding that China, the host of the 2022 Winter Games, is one of the world’s largest fur exporters.(Agencies)