“Grow Green” Initiative…


By Shahid Dar
As Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organisation controlled on governmental levels, for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Amid the Kashmir is passing through the stage of tough and strange atmosphere , With the most important thing is that the place once was known as paradise , the green lush fields of Kashmir has an immense value in the world,
As there are hundreds of NGO,s running across the kashmir In industrial countries, voluntary environmental agreements often provide a platform for companies to be recognized for moving beyond the minimum regulatory standards and thus support the development of best environmental practice. every NGO has its own motive , like Forest protection ,human rights etc , but
Its Highly commendable that a Bca Student from the Rafiabad (Ladoora) village came out with his associates and started or launched a campaign under the banner of “Grow Green Rafiabad”.as we saw the youths of kashmir are involving themselves in  anti-Social and anti-national activities amid this a village boy from ladoora come with his associates to protect the environment  should be highly appriciated.
I wish all the best for their creative initiative ahead…

(The author is  a volunteer of Grow Green” Initiative campaign.)

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