India hopes for an independent, sovereign Palestine State


    Ramallah, Feb 10 : Reiterating India’s support for an independent, sovereign and peaceful Palestine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asserted that relations between India and Palestine have “stood the test of time.’’

    As he wound up his brief visit to Palestine, Mr Modi, in his joint press statement along with Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, said that India hopes for return of peace in the region. He favoured the path of negotiation for establishing peace in the region. It was the first visit by any Indian Prime Minister to Palestine which, Mr Modi said, has always occupied a top spot in India’s foreign policy.

    Speaking in Hindi, Mr. Modi said that he hoped for a “peaceful co-existence’’ of Palestine with Israel and added that deep and involved diplomacy could play a vital role in it. “I know it is not easy but efforts should be continued towards this goal,’’ he said.