Opinion | Chenab Valley: Victimized in all Political regimes 

  Generating power for rest of the nation, living themselves in dark ages
Dar Mohsin 
       In the state of Jammu and Kashmir where Ladakh has managed to get it’s actual position and recognisation , the another ever charming and source of revenue “Chenab Valley ” region for entire state and nation have been neglected since 1947.
Perhaps, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, having the enormious sources of natural resources and producing well off revenue in substantial  to keep pace from all grounds of life. However, the state couldn’t denied the visible fact that  the Chenab Valley is also an important region of Jammu And Kashmir State endowed with its own traditional and cultural diversity. Functional in scores of ways , the topographical structure of the region connects the rest of the region’s of state with Himachal,  Kashmir,  Jammu and Ladakh itself.
Valuing the cultural, ethical and traditional diversities, the Chenab Valley follows the versatility in all fields. The culture, tradition and demography of the valley are very different as compared to other regions of the state whereas, people manage to adjust themselves in all the factors of societies. It’s aspects are different geographically, socially, culturally and traditionally  aspects since the generations at the same time the entire Chenab region have divided into different three districts including  Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban with an overall population of about 920,865 , according  to 2011 census.The people of the valley speak different languages includes Pahari, Ladakhi, Dogri, Bhaderwahi, Kishtwari, Pogali, Serazi and Kashmiri. Kashmiri being the most widely spoken language. The Chenab Valley is mostly a hilly terrain and River Chenab flows through it.
  The name “Chenab” itself have the reputed value in state and across the globe as it’s even a part of ” Indus Water Treaty ” because Chenab river flows from these three district.Talking about the political scenario of the region , somehow, all political parties had having the strong mark in three districts of Chenab Valley. Chenab valley is such a  valley which endowed with both natural and human resource. Being distant and almost cut off from the other regions of the state, it is neglected in almost all developmental aspects like electricity, health care and education. The roads are in terrible condition and vehicle movement is dangerous especially in all seasons.
Despite the fact that Chenab Valley is generating more than 1000 MW of electricity per day, the people are these districts remains in dark ages. All the three regions of Chenab Valley sans specialised doctors into their district hospitals, there are no arrangement of equipments after having the 6 to 10 legislators in a row. Thousands of patients in the valley in general and Kishtwar in particular (Marwah, Dachan,Paddar Warwan, Doda, Badarwah, Ramban ) die on their way to hospitals because hospitals are located very far away from these places and the problem is exacerbated by the condition ofroads and even if patients somehow manage to reach there is almost always shortage of specialist doctors. However, it is very unfortunate that a valley with such a huge population has been deprived of electricity without which development is unimaginable and people have to bare the severe cold of winters.Thousands of people in Valley (Kishtwar in perticular especially in Marwah, Dachan and Warwan) are still without electricity even in this modern age of democracy. Right to have a good road and electricity is a fundamental right which have been given by the constitution of India to all its citizens without anydiscrimination (Article 21). Is the right applicable only for elite class and not for those who are unaware, innocent and poor? Prior to every election the people are promised to get these facilities and even before the elections are over the politicians forget their promises and don’t bother to address the problems or even project the situation before the responsible govt.
The present governance has to consider seriously that people do not chose representation to do bad politics or waste time of this institution or waste public money on settling personal scores on the floor of legislature. People send lawmakers to resolve their issues facing public and not disappoint them to disown this institution. It is need of the hour that the responsible governance look into the problems of Chenab Valley and address all the issues especially related to roads, electricity and healthcare and shed the negligent attitude before the people of Chenab Valley feel more alienated.
(Author is an active journalist of the area, and may be contacted through mail on: mohsinahmad61@gmail.com

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